6 Differences Between Top-Load and Front-Load washer You Need to Know

It’s time to buy a new washing machine, but which do you choose: the traditional top-load washer, or the stylish front-load washer?  Both have their advantages and disadvantages and choosing between the two usually comes down to personal preference. The top-load washer, referred to as the traditional washer, is believed by some to be the more well-known and reliable choice, while front-load washers are known for their stylish design, convenient features and energy efficiency.  To help you decide which washer is right for you, we’ve outlined some of the biggest differences between the two below.front loadFront Load     top loadTop Load

Size and Space

The first thing you should consider when choosing a washer, just like any other major appliance you purchase, is the size. You don’t want to purchase a washer that is too big for the space you plan to install it in.

Both styles, top-load and front-load, are both pretty similar in width, but can be quite different in height and depth.  Top-load washers tend to be taller than front-load washers, unless you plan to put your front-load washer on a pedestal. If you are concerned with space, keep in mind many front-loading washers can be stacked with a companion dryer, which is great option for tight quarters. A top-load washer can never be stacked for obvious reasons.

The Door

The front-load washer design, if elevated on a pedestal, can be easily loaded and unloaded. If you do not choose to put your washer on a pedestal you may find yourself doing a lot more kneeling and bending.

The top-load washer design is very easy to load, but may not be as easy to unload since you will have to reach down into the tub to pull out your wet laundry.


One of the major reasons front-load washers have become more popular in the last few years is because they are more energy efficient than the traditional top-loading machine, but new high efficiency top-loading washing machines are quickly closing that gap.

The Agitator

Traditional top-load washers include an agitator, but front-load and newer top-load models do not.

There are pros and cons to having an agitator:

On one hand, many consumers argue that washing machines with agitators clean clothes better and help to lift dirt out of tough stains. However, the agitation can be rough on clothes. Things like drawstrings can get tangled around the agitator, and it also lowers washtub capacity.

Last Minute Laundry Adding

Have you started up a load of wash only to realize after you forgot to add a sock or t-shirt? With a top-load washer it’s easy to just flip the lid and throw in the forgotten laundry.  Front-load washers, depending on the manufacturer, may not have the option to pause your wash and allow you to add laundry after the cycle has already begun.


With a top-load washer you can use any kind of detergent, but with many front-load washers, you may be bit limited on what detergent you can use.  Most manufacturers of front-loading washers will recommend using a high efficiency, low-sudsing detergent.

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