GPS Smart watch for Kids – Blue

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1.44inch colourful touch screen

Cartoon theme

Easy to use


Basic functions

One Key SOS: Press the SOS button to send alarm to the monitor phone.

Emergency Call Function: SOS Buttons to set 3 numbers to make emergency calls

Watch Remove Alarm: When the watch is removed from the child, monitor phone(parent/guardian) will receive the alarm.

Child Anti-loss Function: LBS &GPS Positioning track the location of the person wearing the watch.

Bluetooth Anti-loss function:Phone will be alarmed once the watch goes beyond the Bluetooth distance. (For Android device only)

Voice Guardian: Built-in speaker and highly sensitive microphone. Monitor phone can turn on the voice recorder in the watch to hear the voice around the watch.

Pedometer Function: Step Calculate function and Health plan step.

Dual Calling: The watch and the phone can call each other

Electronics Fence: Remote Control,Geo fence ,Set up a security area for the kid and phone will be alarmed once the kid is beyond this area.

Historical Location tracking: Three months’ activity location can be traced.

Other function: Low battery alarm, Remote shutdown


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