Haier Thermocool Washing machine Front Load 7kg White

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    Wave Drum

    The Wave drum technology design produces a strong water wave during the washing cycle similar to the ocean wave power. This strong wave is required for thorough cleaning and flushing out of every stubborn stain from any wool or fabric to give the cleanest wash effect, while still maintaining the greatest care needed for your precious and delicate material.

      Anti Bacterial Pulsator

    The gasket and detergent drawer are specially made with Haier Thermocools patented smart Antibacterial Treatment (ABT) which helps kill more than 99.8% of bacterial and prevent bacterial growth, making the washing environment more hugienic and clean.


    This soft wash program developed to take care of your delicate clothes such as Lace and Ankara is Woolmark Certified.

      Quick Wash

    The quick wash program is developed for lightly soiled clothes to be washed within a short time.

       Sport WashA fast and effcient wash program that washes your gym or exercise clothes within 25 minutes.    LED Display

    The high quality LED display to provid you a countdown timer


    There are some situtations where a single cycle is not enough for heavily soiled clothes,the intense wash cycle will help make the clothes more cleaner.

      Extra Rinse

    The extra rinse cycle provides extra rinsing for clothes washed to ensure detergent is completely rinsed off fabric to prevent harm to delicate skin when clothes are worn




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Weight 70 kg


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