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Simple sentence structures, basic sight words and words with predictable spelling patterns make it easier for young children to read on their own. Teaches short vowels, long vowels and consonant blends. Ages 4-6 years.
A timeless tale in which readers become part of the classic Cinderella story. Playful activities build comprehension and word recognition skills. Enchanting games propel the action forward and guide the story toward a fairy tale ending. Simple sentence structures, sight words and words with predictable spelling patterns make it easier for new readers to sound out words on their own. If children get stuck, they can touch a word to hear it sounded out. As Cinderella tries on clothes for the Royal Ball, readers try out more advanced short vowel words like “slipper” and consonant blends like “dress.” About the Series The Early Reading Series is designed to build core phonics skills and support children as they proceed at their own pace toward independent reading. Learning Difference Leap Reader books tap into children’s natural curiosity and inspire them to explore. By connecting Leap Reader to a computer you can see your child’s progress, expand the learning with fun activities and get personalized skill insight

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