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Discover the wonders of our world with this jumbo 2-sided interactive map. 300+ interactive touch points engage children and make learning fun. Teaches world geography, map skills and world languages. Ages 4-8 year
Build map skills and discover the world. Learn about continents and countries, and meet children who live there. Explore landmarks, review map symbols, find fun facts and play games with the whole family on a jumbo 2-sided interactive map. Touch the compass rose to take a musical journey! Age 4-8 years Features Locate continents and countries on the interactive world map. Explore the Map Legend to learn about the symbols used on a map. Ready for a super challenge? Map Racer is a great game for parents to play, too. Listen to kids around the world talk about their lifestyles and learn how to say “”hello”” to children in India, China, Kenya and many other countries around the world. Double the fun: Reinforce the learning with a 2-sided map featuring 300+ interactions and 30+ learning activities. Climb the Andes, explore the Amazon or cross the Outback—all from the comfort of home. Find mountains, plains and more on the physical map. Identify cities, countries and bodies of water on the political map. About the Series The Learn through Reading Series supports reading development by providing children with knowledge-building opportunities in areas of personal interest. Learning Difference The Leap Reader Reading & Writing System uses research-based teaching methods to help children learn to read and explore new topics. Educational experts on Leap Frog’s Learning Team work to ensure that the Leap Reader system teaches core skills—and that the learning is wrapped in fun topics that engage children.

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